Tuesday, 31 May 2016


People ask me every now and then - What is wrong with Islam? Why hurt the feelings of Muslims? Don't you see that there are a lot of peaceful Muslims in the world?

First of all, it is not my intention to hurt the feelings of Muslims. There are many peaceful people who identify themselves as Muslims. However, I see it as my duty to depopularise Islam. This brings us to the question - What is wrong with Islam? The answer is simple. The books of Islam clearly advocate many cruel laws, which were set by Muhammad, the founder of Islam in the seventh century. And more importantly, these laws are final and unchanging according to Islam. These include:
  • Killing anyone who leave Islam
  • Forbidding men and women from spending time alone unless they are married couples or close relatives
  • Prohibiting Muslim women from marrying non-Muslims
  • Giving 100 lashes in public for having sex before marriage
  • Stoning married adulterers to death
  • Killing or expelling homosexuals from their homes

All these laws and regulations are clearly commanded in the books of Islam. And these laws (to varying degrees) are followed in many Muslim majority countries. You have an estimate of 1.7 billion people who identify themselves as Muslims today. Of those, about 300 million support death penalty for leaving Islam (called apostasy). Saudi, Iran, Sudan, Afghanistan and a few other countries implement this barbaric punishment by law. In Pakistan and Bangladesh (where this law does not actually exist), many Muslims kill apostates in broad daylight, every now and then. In fact, in Muslim dominated localities even in India, there is some sort of risk for apostates of Islam.

Many Muslim apologetics quote the verse 2:256 of the Quran - "No compulsion in religion" and claim that death penalty for apostasy is incompatible with the Quran. Would have been cool if that was really the case... Isn't it? However, the truth is that this verse actually means there is no compulsion for outsiders to enter Islam. This is clear from the early Tafsirs (commentaries of Quran). This does not grant Muslims the freedom to leave Islam. Even if we take this verse as granting freedom to leave Islam, there are verses like 48:29 which command harsh treatment of disbelievers. Hence, "no compulsion in religion" is also internally inconsistent in the Quran. Apologetics also quote various verses such as "to you your religion and to me my religion" which were what Muhammad revealed when he was weak and powerless in Mecca. There are atleast 23 authentic (Sahih) hadiths that clearly establish death for apostasy. Not one or two. Not four or five. There are twenty-three or more sahih hadiths that support this. These things I mentioned are so obvious for anyone who studies Islam with an open mind. It is not that 300 million people are crazy to think it is good to kill apostates. They think this is the final law of god and his messenger. And there are several more millions of Muslims who facilitate and support harsh treatment of apostates, even without supporting death penalty for them.

Link to the Main Article: Death for Apostasy in Islam

Add this to the other horrible laws that I mentioned... It is obvious that the growth of Islam is a threat to our freedom. Millions upon millions are suffering from these barbaric laws even today. We cannot let this continue. We need to depopularise Islam very much. We need to try our best to educate Muslims and non Muslims these facts and make them open their eyes. The more the Muslims who come out of Islam, the better. The more the non Muslims who oppose Islam, the better. Stating something like Bible also has cruel laws (which is very true - the Old Testament is horrible) only helps to distract from the real issue. There is not a single country which follows the Old Testament laws today. You dont have anywhere close the amount of Christians or Jews who want to re-instate the OT laws - the percentages are really small. They dont treat apostates and liberals anywhere as bad as Muslims do, on an average.

It is simple honesty to say that Islam is far more harmful than any other religion for the modern world. We need to stop being politically correct and come forward to speak the truth. It is our duty to win freedom for the world from the ideology called Islam. Else, it will be our children and grand children who suffer in the future.


  1. You know, one thing we all forget, is the first question. The one the theists have never yet managed to answer.

    Do gods actually exist?

    We usually allow them to skip this, so that we can beat them with their scriptures. Maybe if we forced them to acknowledge the first question, they would do our work for us.

    1. So you ask the question, and then those that believe that gods do exist,(and more specifically that 'God' exists) answer in the affirmative, then what? You are back at the same place. There are plenty of arguments going on about the existence of God, and have so for a lot longer than you and I have been around, and to no avail... we need to agree to disagree on this... until the day when we all learn the truth :)

      Good article by the way...

  2. very interesting article thank you

  3. Looks sensible, if what all quoted are true. There are sensible Muslims who do accept the good things and reject rest from it, they might not be opposing against the bad neither they do accept.

  4. Looks sensible, if what all quoted are true. There are sensible Muslims who do accept the good things and reject rest from it, they might not be opposing against the bad neither they do accept.

  5. Thank you for posting your blog. However try to keep your self safe. The morons are desensitized monsters. You can not trust any of them.
    My blog: http://nailahussain.blogspot.com/

  6. Thanks all for ur comments. :)

    Thanku so much Naila dear, i will be safe. I will take a look at your blog. Take care you too and stay safe ❤

  7. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2016/09/syria-war-russian-air-raids-kill-9400-year-160930082703222.html

  8. http://www.globalresearch.ca/us-has-killed-more-than-20-million-people-in-37-victim-nations-since-world-war-ii/5492051

  9. http://www.datagraver.com/case/islamic-terrorism-in-western-europe

    Despite the horrific death toll listed above, Stalin doesn’t hold the distinction of being the most genocidal leader of the 20th century.

    Mao: 40 million
    Stalin: 20 million
    Hitler: 12 million
    Leopold II: 10 million
    Tojo: 5 million
    the siurce www.historyofrussia.org

    1. They killed not because they want to expand their religion but the other hand Muslim terrorist kills because of religion

  11. Yeah, and what about TODAY? Muslims enjoy full freedom of speech and religion in non Muslim countries. On the other hand, non Muslims have barely any freedom in Muslim countries. Atleast 8-10 Muslim majority countries LEGALLY execute ex Muslims merely for leaving Islam and making it public.

  12. Both religion is evil to the world

  13. Both religion is evil to the world