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Persecution of non Muslim men and Muslim women by Indian Muslims for marrying/dating

Here is a list of 43 incidents of murder/harassment/kidnap/death threats involving 25 Murders and leading to 4 suicides over the last 10 years, perpetrated by Indian Muslims for the reason of a Muslim woman marrying/loving a non Muslim. All these incidents happened in India from the time-frame of July 2008 - February 2018.

Muslim woman marries Hindu man, both killed by the woman's brothers and gang in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

Hindu man marries Muslim woman, murdered by a Muslim gang in Murshidabad, West Bengal following the orders of a Muslim tribal "court".

Hindu man who married a Muslim woman shot dead by a Muslim fanatic in West Bengal close to Bangladesh border.

Muslim woman who married a dalit (lower caste Hindu) man, burned to death by her parents in Karnataka.

A Muslim gang hacks to death a Hindu man for loving a Muslim woman, and severely beat up his mother.

Hindu man abducted and brutally murdered by a mob of 100 Muslims in Bihar for marrying a Muslim woman. Woman still missing.

Hindu man marries Muslim woman in Kashmir and her parents bribe policemen and get him murdered.

Two Muslim women in Uttar Pradesh murdered by their mothers for marrying Hindus. One of them admitted to the killing and justified it.

Muslim girl beaten to death by her father and 5 other family members for having an affair with a Hindu boy. The boy commits suicide.

Hindu man killed in Kerala for being in love with a Muslim woman. Burned to death by her relatives after he refused to convert to Islam for marriage. Here is the news from Kerala news channel Indiavision (Title is misleading):

Here is the video of part of the victim's death-bed testimony infront of a magistrate:

Hindu man and Muslim woman from UP who got married, found dead with throats slit in Thane near Mumbai. Woman's relative arrested for the murder.

Hindu man killed for marrying Muslim woman in Tamil Nadu, by her brother and gang. Original post removed from Asian Age, but confirmed by Tamil locals and widely reported and verified authentic.

Hindu man beaten to death by a gang of 9 Muslims in Bangalore for being in love with a Muslim woman.

Hindu boy (16) and Muslim girl (17) were killed by girl's family members in Bihar for having a love affair.

Muslim man murders his 18-year old daughter near Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh for having a love affair with a Hindu man. More family members probably involved in the crime.

Muslim woman and Hindu man killed for loving each other by the woman's relatives in Bellary, Karnataka. They had earlier harshly bear up the man's parents for trying to negotiate for marriage.

23 year old Hindu man murdered for having a love affair with a Muslim girl in Delhi. The girl's father, mother and uncle have been arrested.

19 year old Muslim girl strangled to death by her father for being in love with a Dalit Hindu man in Muzaffarnagar, UP. The victim's mother as well as a guard testifies to the event.

19 year old Hindu man kidnapped and killed - his body was found near the house of his Muslim lover's relative. Locals indicate their love affair as the reason.

22 year old Muslim girl killed by her family members for marrying a Hindu man in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh.

Kerala Muslim girl marries Hindu man, fanatic Muslims try to kill and threaten them.

Hindu man and Muslim woman from Kerala get married, and both are being hunted by Muslim gangs, they cant even step out of house and struggle for a living since they are not being able to work.

Muslim woman marries Hindu man in Bihar, the woman's relatives threaten and try to kidnap her, but fails.

Muslim girl marries Hindu man in UP... Elopes amid threats... Muslim father persists to nullify their marriage.

Muslim girl converts to Hinduism and marries a Hindu man. Local Muslims threaten her, her relatives clash with police to take her away by force.

Officials from Dadri in Uttar Pradesh refuse to let Muslim woman marry Hindu man fearing riots and girl seeks police protection from her relatives.

Muslim woman who was in love with Hindu man in UP gets locked up and beaten up by her parents who forcibly prevent them from marrying. Finally both commit suicide (allegedly). Possible murder, bodies found hanging from a tree in a compound owned by the woman's relatives.

Hindu man attacked and critically injured by Muslims in West Bengal after he married a Muslim woman. The woman is being held captive by her parents.

Hindu man who married a Muslim woman in UP badly beaten and is constantly harassed and threatened with forced conversion or to leave his wife.

Hindu man and Muslim woman from Kashmir get physically abused and constantly hunted by the woman's relatives and police for inter-faith marriage.

Kashmiri Muslim woman commits suicide after her parents forcibly obstruct her from marrying a Hindu.

Muslim woman who got married to a Hindu and converted to hinduism, alleges threat from parents and seeks police protection.

Muslim woman who married Hindu man in Delhi initially chooses to live with her parents who then beat her up and prevent her from going with her husband.

Muslim woman who married a Hindu man, gets attacked by her relatives at a temple, rescued by police.

Muslim woman who married Hindu man in Karnataka gets death threats from Muslims. They get attacked when they were riding on a motorbike where she was kidnapped and he was injured. Finally reunited by highcourt.

Muslim woman in Madurai, Tamil Nadu gets death threats from relatives and an Islamic organisation after her marriage to a Hindu man.

Muslim woman in Jammu converts to Sikhism upon marrying a Sikh man, upon threats flee to Haryana, where her parents try to kill the couple, finally provided with police protection.

Hindu man and Muslim woman from Rajasthan gets married, escapes to Madhya Pradesh from where the woman was kidnapped by her family and forced to marry a Muslim. Later, Mumbai High Court reunites her with her Hindu husband.

Hindu man and Muslim woman marry in West Bengal; the woman's parents, brother and sister torture her mentally and physically, some of them threaten the man and he luckily escapes murder. They get constant death threats from Muslims.

Hindu man and Muslim woman in Pune, Maharashtra gets married after eloping amid threats on life and being asked to convert to Islam. The woman's mother hires a gang of men who come in 5 cars to kill them. They narrowly escape due to help from neighbours.

Muslim woman loves a Hindu man, her family takes her away to their native place. She manages to escape and marries him. Her family along with some policemen from Bihar threaten the Hindu man's parents. Finally, the Mumbai High Court orders their protection.

20 year old Muslim woman shot by her brother with her father's support, for being in love with a Hindu man. The woman is battling for her life in a critical condition.

Dalit man tied to a tree and beaten by some Muslims who suspected that his son eloped with a Muslim girl.


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