Sunday, 26 June 2016

Quranic claim of every living being having Pairs - Male and Female

The Quran claims that every living being has pairs. What does this mean? As the Quran itself explains, by pairs, it means male and female counterparts.

Quran 51:49 -

Yusuf Ali: And of every thing We have created pairs: That ye may receive instruction.
Pickthall: And all things We have created by pairs, that haply ye may reflect.

Quran 53:45 -

Yusuf Ali: That He did create in pairs,- male and female,
Pickthall: And that He createth the two spouses, the male and the female,

First of all let us address the argument that the Quran is not talking only about living beings here. The first problem with that logic is that non living things are clearly not always having pairs. Secondly, the Arabic word used here for pairs is "zawjayni" which means "spouses" as you can see here in the word by word grammar of the Quran:

Meaning of zawjayni:

The same word is used in verse 53:45 as well. 

So it is clear that the Quran claims that every living being has a male and female counterpart. Bang! This is a clear scientific error. We know that there are organisms which does not have a gender - such as bacteria which reproduces asexually. There is no doubt that the author of the Quran did not know that bacteria even existed. This proves beyond all doubt that the author is not an all-knowing being, but rather a human.


  1. As well as organisms that reproduce asexually there are organisms that have both sexes in one organism, called hermaphrodites, or which change from one sex to another in their lifetimes, called sequential hermaphrodites.

    Here is the source where I found this information:

  2. Your argument is invalid. See this: